Spoiler Alert! How Big Daddies Appear In BioShock 2

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Rumors on 2K Marin's BioShock 2: Sea of Dreams began swirling about the 2K Games forums today, flooding the board with supposed details on the BioShock sequel. Too bad they were mostly bunk.


2K and Game Informer both responded, saying the rumors that BioShock 2 would be Big Daddy-free were untrue. The rest of the details? Also lies. Big Daddies will be making another appearance in the sequel.


You play as a Big Daddy.

In fact, you're the first of the lot, a so-called "renegade" Big Daddy who's on the hunt for a Little Sister of his own, according to a tipster who has the new Game Informer magazine in hand. You'll take out rival Daddies with your huge hand-drill and plasmid powers, claiming their wee sidekicks as your own. Similar to the first BioShock, you can choose to either harvest your Little Sister prize for ADAM or you can adopt her as your own.

That Little Sister comes in handy. She'll harvest ADAM from corpses strewn about Rapture, acting as a warning sign for when the Big Sister—the lithe, lightning fast enemy who will hunt your character throughout the game—has you in her sights. Based on her description, it sounds like she'll be one hell of a fight.

From what we've heard, players will have access to all the things that made the Big Daddy such a menace in BioShock, with the character upgrades and options available in the first game expanded to keep things interesting. More details can be found in the new issue of Game Informer, which will be appearing in subscriber hands any second now.



i am glad Big Daddies are in the sequel...but the game sounds absolutely terrible,fighting other Big Daddies for a little sister...jeeezus

i didnt mind playing as a Big Daddy for a little while in the first game,but fuck not all the way through it...just his heavy footsteps will drive me mad