Bioshock 2 Features Co-Op, Doesn't Feature Big Daddies [Update]

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The 2K Games forums are ablaze with Bioshock 2 rumors from the latest issue of Game Informer, with 2 player co-op and a distinct lack of Big Daddies among the game's new features.


According to forum posters, Bioshock 2 takes place seven years after the original game, with protagonist Jack Abbott chasing the Big Sister who kidnapped his daughter all the way to Rapture. I say the Big Sister, as there is reportedly only one in the game, who acts as the mastermind behind the plot of the game. Rapture has been flooded, opening new areas while changing the dynamics of previous levels, with a fully explorable zoo and underwater exploration levels. They also make a big deal about a fight with a giant squid boss, though if my memory serves me correctly, every game ever created has a giant squid boss.

Of course the biggest two rumors are the inclusion of 2-player co-operative play, and the removal of the first game's iconic enemy, the Big Daddy. I suppose it makes sense that they'd be gone now...I just have my doubts that spliced up dogs, Cold War era soviets, and bipedal robots can make up for his absence.

More new is popping up in the forums as we speak, though of course until we have the actual April issue of Game Informer in our hands, these new details remain firmly in the realm of rumor.

Update: Official response have surfaced from both 2K and Game Informer, warning people not to believe everything they read on the internet. First, from 2K Elizabeth in the 2K forums:

Hi guys,

Please do not believe everything you read on the internet.

This rumor circulating is not true.

Grab the Game Informer magazine. It's shipped out and should be to subscribers and on store shelves really soon.

And then we have Game Informer magazine's response:

The Bioshock 2 news that is running around the web is quite...interesting.
While we can¹t confirm or deny anything that is being said, let us give you a quick piece of advice: don't believe everything you read from some dude on the Internet.

If people had actually read the Bioshock 2 cover story from this month's issue...well, you will see how it matches up with the real deal when it arrives this weekend, as the rumors floating around are so amazingly wrong on a very "big" point. Watch for the magazine in stores and in mailboxes this weekend, so you will have your information soon enough.


So Game Informer says not to believe everything, and 2K says the rumor isn't true, in response to multiple rumors. This leads us to believe there could be some truth to the information circulating, and some untruths.

We'll know for sure once the next issue of Game Informer arrives this weekend.

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I love co-op. But I do not approve of it if it's for bioshock. With bioshock's story, the narrative would not of worked for a pair of characters. I'm interested to see how well it does for the sequel, because I've played all my resident evils single player, and I love the co-op in RE5. If I want a single player experience, I'll replay 4, same for bioshock 2, Ill replay bioschock 1 for the umpteenth time.

We as gamers shouldn't whine about how the designers aren't catering to what we expect out of a sequel. I didn't even WANT a sequel to this game. I respect a developer more for putting out a product they want to design. So either, check this off your wishlist, or wait it out to see how this unfolds.