Split With Founders Sends Major League Gaming CEO Packing

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The founders of Major League Gaming and the league's CEO have parted ways over a difference in how the professional gaming league should be expanding, with the ousted chief apparently not getting support for more aggressive growth plans.

Matthew Bromberg ran the New York-based league for the past four and a half years; he's out, telling VentureBeat that "There was a feeling among the founders that it was time to scale back our ambitions and grow more slowly. That isn't in my nature, and was not my plan."

The two sides couldn't resolve their differences, and both figured it'd be better if Bromberg hit the trail.
Bromberg will remain as an advisor with the firm that is MLG's primary investor. Founder Sundance DiGiovanni will take over as the interim CEO. He says that while MLG heard "divergent opinions about the focus for the company" at a recent board meeting, the company's overall strategy isn't changing. "It's just a change in the velocity at which we are attempting to travel," DiGiovanni said.


Founded in 2002, MLG has partnerships with A-list brands like ESPN and Doritos, and averages 10,000 attendees at its Pro Circuit events held across the U.S. DiGiovanni said MLG is close to becoming consistently profitable, and would consider becoming the permanent chief executive if asked to do so.

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I think MLG needs to make a strong move if it really wants to legitimize itself. They made a good deal with ESPN online to where they would post game summaries and other MLG content on ESPN.com so that expanded the scope a little bit, but they didn't go so far to broadcast key matches or really try to push the envelope to show that competitive gaming can be a true spectator sport. If they want to be taken seriously, they need to drive the brand of gaming home. The way many of these players play, and I've seen and experienced it first hand, are fast and engaging. They work well together and it's almost mesmerizing to see a guy like TSQUARED pick up a sniper rifle and no scope a couple of guys and they place a perfect grenade throw threw a small window to pick up another kill. I can't say now that competitive gaming will ever reach the success it has in other countries, but if MLG pushes forth with showing the rest of the American public what they have to offer as a sport, they can really start generating a true interest and some real sponsors. I mean, competitive gaming is A LOT more exciting than Texas Hold 'Em poker and look how that is treated on ESPN and other channels.