Splinter Cell Stunt Almost Gets Someone Shot

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Note to flacks: Cops aren't considering concepts like viral marketing or cosplay when an actor staggers into a pub district to point a plastic gun at the patrons. Promoters of Splinter Cell Conviction just learned this in New Zealand.


The New Zealand Herald reports that the stunt provoked an armed police response to Auckland's Viaduct Basin, a popular nightlife area, Friday night at 8 p.m. local time. Some two dozen patrons said the guy, who had bandages on his hands, pointed a pistol at them. They dived for cover and out came the po-po, ready to shoot.

Police quickly figured out the gun was a fake, but weren't at all amused by the situation. Monaco Corporation, a marketing partner of Ubisoft's in New Zealand, apologized for the provocation, although they said they hired out another marketing company to put the event together and had no idea that a gun was to be used.

"It was just marketing gone wrong," said a Monaco representative. No kidding.

Promotions Prank Ends in Armed Police Callout [The New Zealand Herald, thanks Solid_Moose]


Andre P.C.

In my first year of college, second semester, I had a cinema class, and of course we were asked to do a movie for the end project. We used fake guns, added signs, closed the perimeter we would film (so no one would be scared) and warned the college council. But when we were going to film, a bunch of securities showed up and forbidden us to make the shot (heh) of the day, by orders of the principal. So why, suddenly, we weren't able to film, even though we took all measures possible?

We would learn later that day that, earlier in the morning, a bunch of audiovisual students (bunch of ****) were also filming in the morning. With no warning at all, one of the actors (a student as well) entered the bank, announced the robbery and pointed the gun to everybody, while the others were filming (!!!!). Of course security AND police showed up almost shoot the idiots down. When asked wtf they were doing, they replied "We wanted to make the movie the most realistic possible, that's why we haven't warned anybody". Never learned what happened to them, later — hopefully, burned to hell. We had to shot the scene with no gun, then add later with after effects — which if you pay attention, it was pretty bad job.

I never, EVER thought, this shit would repeat, and by professionals — not stupid college students.