Ever since folks noticed Infinity Ward types playing Modern Warfare 2 over Xbox Live, some have been glued to their sets for map and mission names. They've now gotten nearly the full mission list for MW2's Spec Ops.

Spoiler alert, as the names of these might give away general mission details or capabilities. if you don't want to know this, I'm going to blather and give some filler details while you move up to that big back button on your browser and avert your eyes from anything in yellow below. It's worth noting that the reason the IW-watchers can get the mission names is because Spec Ops has a lobby unto itself. The Infinity Ward community manager Robert Bowling's gamer card bears that out.

OK, now that we've gotten the spoiler alerts and those who don't want to be spoiled out of the way, here are the mission names spotted so far, according to user AchievementLost on the Infinity Ward forums. These are assumed to be not in order.

01. Breach and Clear
02. O Cristo Redentor
03. Sniper Fi
04. Hidden
05. Suspension
06. Body Count
07. Acceptable Losses
08. Bomb Squad
09. Estate Takedown
10. Time Trial
11. The PIt
12. Snatch & Grab
13. Terminal
14. Wreckage
15. Overwatch
16. Big Brother
17. Evasion
18. Race
19. Homeland Security
20. Wardriving


*Spoiler* 20/23 Spec Ops Mission List -> Spec Ops Lobby [Infinity Ward Forums, thanks Chuckles Mobile]