Not sure how I feel about "web rush" having seen this latest trailer for The Amazing Spider-Man. I'm sure everyone's going to call this a quicktime event mechanic, and that sequence where Spidey taps the stooge on the shoulder and then wraps him up does look scripted.

But as the game's executive producer explains, "web rush" itself is supposed to be a slowed-down map of points on the screen you can choose to zip to as Spider-Man, giving the player an easier handle on moving Spidey through the city or in combat without watering down the visual appeal of his acrobatics. Can't wait to see Stan Lee doing this stuff.


I guess we will find out when the game gets here on June 26. It's an old-school full-Ginsburg adaptation of a summer film, available on PS3, 360, Wii, 3DS and DS.

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