Spend New Year's Eve With This Man

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This is Shinya Arino, comedian, television personality and all around bad gamer.

Back in 2007, I hung out on the set of Arino's show Game Center CX and interviewed the jumpsuit-wearing gamer. Arino is truly a funny guy — and not a very good gamer! But he's so persistent and has such a likable personality, that it's actually enjoyable to watch him trying to clear old, difficult retro games as he dies over and over again.

For New Year's, Game Center CX is doing a special, and there is a live stream. So far, website Tiny Cartridge points out that it's featured a performance of a Japanese punk version of "Camptown Races". The special is apparently going for the next several hours. So if you're gonna watch, do it now. It is in Japanese, but surely, stuff like plaything through Ice Climber transcends linguistic boundaries?


LEMON PACK on Justin.tv [Justin.tv via @rdb_aaa via Tiny Cartridge] [Pic]

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Wow, he sounds like me except with a TV show and likable personality, for I too am terrible at video games, yet I keep trying.

Seems like my dream show.