Speculation: Marvel to Buy THQ and Make Video Games In-House

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THQ's in dire straits, financially. Marvel—now a wholly-owned division of Disney—has lots and lots of money. Maybe, if the former buys the latter, they hold hands and make beautiful games together?

That's what comics culture website Bleeding Cool seems to think. Editor Rich Johnston pieces together comments and business dealings from Marvel, Disney and THQ over the last few months. Linking together Sega's loss of certain Marvel licenses, the cancelled Avengers game and lots of other happenings He comes up with a pretty believable scenario as to the benefits of Marvel buying THQ. It's a long read but well worth it. And if this gets me one step closer to being able to play a Power Man & Iron Fist co-op action game, then all the better.


Will Marvel Buy THQ Games? [Bleeding Cool]

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This sounds awesome. It would be so nice if we could get some high quality Marvel games. The only real Marvel-licensed games that have been GOOD over the years… The 2 PS1 Spider-Man gems, Spider-Man 2 (preferably GameCube version), Spider-Man: Web of Shadows.

Marvel: Ultimate Alliance (preferably 1 honestly, 2 really sucked)

I mean, what about a real Avengers game? Captain America? (My favorite super hero next to Spider-Man) Fantastic Four? That'd be awesome.

I realize the Captain America movie-game was pretty good, but still, it wasn't a REAL game.