In this week's installment of Speak-Up on Kotaku, Cptn.PaxtonAstypalaea, IncD, ZeroAnd09, and Bwwardiii sound off on splitscreen online play, Team Ninja's Metroid, mega awesome birthday gifts, and a new way to sell used games.

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All Hail The Birthday Lord

Cptn.PaxtonAstypalaea got the best birthday present ever today. The best part? It was made by his sister, and not his girlfriend, so you don't have to feel bad asking for her phone number.

Behold Kotaku! I declare Myself to be your BirthDay Lord of the Day, which is the 3rd of the 3rd! As evidence of my Worthiness, here is an image of my Birthday presents. PRAISE ME! And my Sister who made it...


Dear Team Ninja...

IncD isn't too happy with Team Ninja. What's the problem? Emo Samus is so hip and trendy and...and...oh yeah.

I despise Team Ninja and want a permanent record of it here. Making games that aren't games. Why not just make porn instead of raising stalkers? Screw you Team Ninja. To hell. Who the hell let these shut in pervs touch Metroid? It would be more respectfully handled by the company that makes the World of Whorecraft videos.
Hate you guys.


More Splitscreen Online Please

ZeroAnd09 is upset with the growing lack of splitscreen multiplayer online gameplay. Why can't two people on one couch play two people on another couch?

I recently purchased Borderlands and was thrilled to see that it included a local splitscreen experience. Looking on the back of the box, it said four players were supported online. I called my sister right away so that my gf and I could play with my sister and her husband. Instead we were treated to another single player multiplayer experience. While it is still a fantastic game, we were crushed that the four of us could not play together. Why shouldn't we be able to? It seems obvious that if a game supports local co op, it should support online four player. Gearbox has said themselves that if demand was high enough, they would release a patch that allowed for splitscreen online play. Looking on their forums and other sites, the demand is there but Gearbox hasn't said another word.


Click here to read his whole diatribe. The man makes sense!


Licensed Pre-Owned Video Games?

They sell licensed pre-owned Lexuses, right? Bwwardiii wonders why they can't sell licensed pre-owned video games.

I'm not so sure about how used car sales work but aren't there places that are basically licensed by the manufacturer? Or at least, you can buy a pre-owned Toyota from the same place as a new one, right? So why not do this with games? Set up deals with places like Gamestop that allow Gamestop and the game companies to make money.