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Spawn Creator Todd McFarlane Said that 38 Studios’ Unfinished MMO “Was Going to Raise the Bar”

Thing I didn't expect to learn at Toy Fair: the guy who created Spawn loves crazy video game rabbits. Specifically, Todd McFarlane loves the titular characters from Ubisoft's wacky Rabbids franchise and thinks that that they're going to be a huge pop culture phenomenon.


I talked to McFarlane earlier this week at Toy Fair and he explained why he's adding the kid-friendly Rabbids to his adult-aimed collectibles line. He also makes it sound like Project Copernicus—the Kingdoms of Amalur MMO that bit the dust when Curt Schilling's video game dev studio crumbled last year—was close to being done. Watch the whole thing to hear how McFarlane landed the Assassin's Creed license and what it's going to take to get Spawn back to video games.

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The fact the he called it an MMO completely invalidates the statement. The next game to "raise the bar" will not be an MMO. I don't know what the game will be, but MMOs are almost dead to me.