Space Invaders Boutique Swag For The Refined Space Invaders Fan

This year, the year of the 30th anniversary of the release of the original Space Invaders, you can get Taito's iconic aliens on anything and everything — luggage, bath towels, fitted caps, pillows, tumblers, headphones, whatever! No product is too cheap or too expensive to have some invaders impressed upon it! Thankfully, for the more boutique focused Japanese consumer, Taito has teamed up with the many designers who set up shop in the Laforet Museum, a multi-tiered shopping center in Harajuku that caters to the discriminating shopper. They're selling Space Invaders branded tees, parkas, underwear, dresses, ties bejeweled frilly things, all at outrageous prices, all in sizes that don't fit you. Taito X Laforet Harajuku "Space Invaders 30th Anniversary" Collaboration [Game Watch]


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