Sorry About This GTA V Mod, PETA

We’ve heard tales of cats rampaging through GTA V’s city of Los Santos. But what about people rampaging by way of cats? Like: using a gun that fires fuzzy little monsters instead of bullets? Once again, your wish is a modder’s command.

YouTuber taltigolt published a video last night showing Franklin rampaging through Vespucci beach with a series of rapid-fire cat launchers:

But why stop at cats? The “Kitty Cat Launcher Cannon Mod” is just the tip of the iceberg. Thanks to the “Animal Gun Mod” from which taltigolt’s video drew, GTA V players on PC can kill a whole lot of different things with a whole lot of different animals.

You can go hunting with the help of some launchable mountain lions:


Take down cops by shooting them with pigs (oh, the irony):

Even wreak havoc with a humpback whale!


Though be mindful of the pileup shooting a ton of whales into a packed city street will cause. It could make driving pretty tricky:


God, I love this game.

You can download the GTA Animal Gun Mod, made by Mafins, here.

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