Sony's Tokyo Game Show Press Conference LIVE Coverage

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Tokyo Game Show 2011 is... GO!!! Sony Computer Entertainment Japan is kicking it off with its pre-TGS keynote, talking about all things PlayStation 3, PlayStation Vita and PlayStation Network. Kotaku is in the house, keeping an eye on what Sony execs have to say about the future of PlayStation.


Join us, won't you?

Sony will also be streaming its TGS 2011 press conference—in English—right here (in theory), so keep an eye on that as well if you want to see what's coming for the PS3 and Vita in the next year... and beyond!


Bubbleman! Will buy a PS Vita for NHL 13 or Gundam Extreme VS, so make it reality!

I fucking hate you Square Enix.

Final Fantasy X? Is this a joke?

You take the game that was the first nail in the coffin for series and give it a remake, yet Final Fantasy VII, a game with more fans and able to appeal to a broader audience gets nothing.

I'm done.

I'm so fucking done with videogames for a little while.

Slidepads on 3DS, Awful AWFUL UI for the Vita. FFX Remake. Sony still not getting it and putting out a system that has no identity other than a PS3 port machine.

I don't even know what to say. I literally have a decade's worth of hope for a title that just pretty much flatlined. Instead, I get treated to an up-res port of a game starring a guy who wears suspenders and fights with a water sword.


So ya later Kotaku, I'm taking a break. Maybe Skyward Sword or Dark Souls will get me back on here, but for now, I'm done. Neither of the Japanese platform holders understand the market in 2011, Square Enix is assuredly the most evil company on Earth, and I refuse to be a gamer in a world where only Microsoft knows how to build features into a console that extend beyond gaming.

Really though. I played with Windows 8 for about 4 hours today. Seeing the Vita UI after that is like stepping into a portal back to 2005 and buying $30 MP3 players from Walmart with a better frontend.

What a joke.

Fuckoff FFX. You are partly responsible for killing Final Fantasy, with your horrific dialogue and stupid looking characters.'

Good riddance. I don't want to live in this world anymore.