Sony's Revealing Its Big Plans Tonight. How Do You Feel?

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Sony's news conference this evening in New York is widely believed to be the unveiling of its next PlayStation console. Two weeks of anticipation preceding tonight's event have given it the air of an election night. In that spirit, I'd like to take the temperature of video gaming's electorate. How are you feeling now, as we're embarking upon the next console regime?


Yes, we have a liveblog tonight, and you may watch the news conference here, and your reactions are welcome in the comments here and in everything we'll be writing. And they are welcome in the comments beneath this post. But for a more simplified gauging of gamers' mood, here are three polls—by no means scientific—that I'll be following through the evening to see how you're reacting to the news on stage.

Are you looking forward to the next PlayStation console? Do you intend to buy it? That's what the first two polls below intend to measure. The two sentiments can be at cross purposes even. Someone can be bursting with anticipation for a PS4, but not have the money for it (or be priced out of buying it on day one. We don't yet know what the thing will cost.) And at the opposite end of the spectrum could be the uber-early adopters, those who may not necessarily want another device, but budget for the latest-and-greatest device anyway. Where do you fall?

The third poll is meant to be an open-ended survey. "Interest" and "Bored" are default choices, but we're more interested in hearing you pick a single word to describe how you're feeling. This can get a little gnarly, as there's no restriction on using more than one word (please don't, but, eh, I can't stop you), and culling the results might take a little work.

We've turned off the controls that block repeat votes. So feel free to check in at all points of tonight's event. (These polls will close at 2 a.m. EST tomorrow). If you're hopeful right now, intrigued in 30 minutes, disappointed in an hour and relieved by the end, say so. And, of course, feel free to elaborate on your feelings in the comment threads below.

Vote early, vote often, and enjoy the spectacle tonight.




Why does Sony always feel like an Abstergo like, clinical, almost evil company compared to nintendo and microsoft? I've loved playstation since the first gen, but I just don't get want their corporate image is supposed to be.