Sony's New Phone Lets You Stream Media From Your PS3

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Sony may not yet be ready to dive in feet first with a PlayStation branded phone, but the new Sony Ericsson Aino brings some of that "gadget to gadget" magic Sony bossman Howard Stringer teased.

The Aino will let users control their PlayStation 3s using "Remote Play," allowing for across-the-internet streaming of media from your home console to your cell phone. Not bad. While it may not let you play Lair on the bus, it will apparently let you stream movies, music and whatever other media content you may have stored on your PS3 wherever you are in the world.


It's the same tech introduced in PSP firmware 3.50, which actually works rather well.

The Aino also lets some European users enjoy the PlayTV service on PlayStation 3 on their phones. It also does a bunch of things that people expect phones to do now, like take 8.1 megapixel pictures, access Facebook and do the Google. Expect it to hit this year for an undisclosed sum. Full list of specs at the official announcement.

Sound and vision set free with the Sony Ericsson Aino [Sony Ericsson]

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Not a fan of touch screen tech for a phone. Try again, Sony.