Sony's Motion Controller Explained — The Sequel

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In a 7-minute video chat, Anton Mikhailov of Sony Computer Entertainment America takes us on another tour of the PlayStation Motion Controller, whose prototype he reveals was assembled from some spare parts bought up at a Home Depot.


If he seems familiar, Mikhailov, of SCEA's Research & Development unit, was part of the controller's original demonstration at E3. He explains the level of control the wand delivers, as opposed to the traditional control mappings of a dualshock, and why developers like what they've seen so far. Unlike an accelerometer "it gives a straightforward answer about where the device is," he says, thanks to the multicolored orb, which interacts with the PlayStation Eye.

Another fun fact: Mikhailov some trouble taking it through airport security when he flew to the U.K. to demo it there. Dude, just tell 'em it's a lightsaber, they'll let it through.

Motion Controller Update Part II: Interview with R&D – The Sequel {]



This gonna give Nintendo a run for its money. Better graphic, better precision, better games. We'll see a change of trend next year!