Sony Wants to be More Than Just Friends With Bungie

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While Bungie's new date is Activision, not Sony, it likely means PS3 games coming from the Halo people. As if noticing a hottie had just changed her Facebook status to "single," Sony turned on the charm Thursday.


"The partnership between Bungie and Activision is a big win for gamers worldwide," read a statement from SCEA. "Combining Bungie's creativity with the incredible power of PlayStation 3 will add serious muscle to action gaming. We look forward to extending Bungie's ‘next big action game universe' with PS3 users."

It echoes an earlier tweet from SCEA's top spokesman, Patrick Seybold: "Congrats to Bungie. Marrying their creative minds and incredible talent to the power of PS3 will be like giving PS3 fans Halo on steroids."

Of course Sony wants whatever Bungie's cookin', whether that's Halo or not (it's not, Bungie told us earlier today.) And let's not limit the definition of "multiplatform" to "Xbox 360 and PS3," either. Activision was also coy about the subject of subscription-based games and the Wii.



Sadly, Bungie will probably optimize their games for the 360 and us PS3 owners will keep getting 360 ports and graphics.

360 is like the white man that keeps the black man(PS3) down, graphicswise.

Doesn't really matter anyways though.