Sony To Close "Major Divisions" Next Month

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Times are tough all over right now, but times are especially tough at Sony. They've only just announced plans to axe thousands of employees, and already The Times reckon things are about to get worse.


While Sony are all "no we're not" on the speculation/leak, The Times insist that next month (following the Consumer Electronics Show), Sony will not only announce the closure of several factories in Japan, but will go so far as to shut down some of their "major divisions".


That's where our interest is piqued. Sony only have a few "major divisions", and the money-leaking PlayStation group is one of them. And while it's hard to imagine Sony pulling the plug on one of the most famous brands this industry has ever seen, it's equally hard to imagine them pulling out of televisions or digital cameras, either.

Anyway, Sony aren't commenting, and we've got three weeks to see how this pans out. Stay. Tuned.

Sony may announce drastic cost cuts —media [Reuters]

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They'll probably just close down their partnership with the Ericsson... I have a Sony Ericsson, it's a good phone, but it's not really selling well... Oh well, and they haven't really made a new one in a while.