Sony: The PlayStation Vita Is Region-Free

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We're one step closer to world peace and universal harmony, thanks to Sony Computer Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss and recent Tokyo Game Show keynoter Shuhei Yoshida. Asked if Sony's new PlayStation Vita handheld would be region-free and capable of playing software from any region, Shuhei said "Yes."


Well, that about clears that up. Yoshida would know, what with the fact that he's near the top of the game development food chain at Sony.


That means you can feel a little bit better about your Japanese import pre-order for the PlayStation Vita, content in the knowledge that, like the PSP and PlayStation 3, you'll have a portable that's capable of playing the weirdest of Japanese video games and Call of Duty.

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Well I'm still a little dissapointed that they dropped video out and a changeable battery like the psp 2000 and up did.

but yeah this is fantastic to know going in. Now about those memory sticks.