Sony Tech Can Show 3D Games Without A TV Screen

Meet Sony's RayModeler, an autostereoscopic platform that can display 3D content not just without the need for glasses, but without the need for a traditional TV screen.

Don't think of it as a monitor. Think of it as something that can display schematics of the Death Star. Something many Bothans would die to get their hands on.


At SIGGRAPH 2010 in Los Angeles yesterday, Sony showed the RayModeler in action with classic arcade title Breakout. It works by...well, by use of dark magic, we assume (or a cylindrical 3D display using LEDs if you want to get technical). Meaning it's not just 3D when you look at it from one spot; you can walk all around it and see its front, back and sides.

SIGGRAPH 2010: Sony's 3D display doesn't require glasses [Core77, thanks Yolky!]

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