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Sony Take "Appropriate Action" Against Uncharted Airgun

Illustration for article titled Sony Take Appropriate Action Against Uncharted Airgun

Yeah, that Uncharted airgun? Totally not official. And not being official (and trying to make money off the official product) tends to piss folks off. A Sony mouthpiece says this about the King of Swords gun:

The Drake's Gun is not licensed or in any way sanctioned by SCE and one we certainly do not condone... We are investigating the source of this product and will proceed with the most appropriate action.


Like telling King of Swords to put the newer blond lady sidekick in its ad?

Sony To Take Action [Games Industry]

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@PsionicMonkey: Sony's taking action for the massive "Uncharted" branding plastered on the packaging, including game characters.

The type of gun has nothing to do with it.