Sony Sweetens Playstation 4 And Xperia Z1S Combo With A $100 Coupon

Illustration for article titled Sony Sweetens Playstation 4 And Xperia Z1S Combo With A $100 Coupon

Among the many exciting features of Sony's Xperia Z1S Android handset is "deep integration" with the Playstation 4. Treat yourself to both the console and the phone and Sony will reward your brand loyalty with a $100 discount. Considering that the Playstation 4 is only a few months old and the Z1S isn't available until January 22nd, this is likely the best deal you'll find on these devices in the near future.


Read Gizmodo's coverage of the waterproof Z1S right here, and we'll be sure to give you a heads up when this deal becomes actionable.


Expect more gaming-related news at Kaz Hirai's CES keynote tomorrow (Tuesday).

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They should be doing this with the vita...