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Sony Survey Suggests New Games, Call of Duty: Elite May Be in PlayStation Plus' Future

Illustration for article titled Sony Survey Suggests New Games, Call of Duty: Elite May Be in PlayStation Plus Future

A marketing survey conducted by Sony suggests it's pondering content changes to PlayStation Plus, potentially including free, full-size Blu Ray games on the day they release, and a free Call of Duty: Elite subscription, reports IGN.


PlayStation Plus, the premium content service Sony launched in 2010, currently offers annual subscriptions for $49.99, or three-month subscriptions for $17.99. Discounts, trial versions of games and free versions of older games are included, with the catalog updating monthly.

The survey asked respondents to pick their ideal PlayStation Plus plan from a range of hypothetical content offerings, then what they're willing to pay for that. The subscription choices included a monthly plan.


Sony responded to the IGN post by saying "We have nothing specific to announce at this time." More details, plus a screenshot of the survey and the hypothetical content offerings it described, are at the link.

PlayStation Plus: Free COD Elite and New Releases? [IGN]

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All Your Base

What I really want is a PSN Plus Vita subscription separated from the PS3 version.

I'd sign up in a second.