Sony Still Has Lots of "Shockers" Planned

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Over the weekend, Sony "leaked" the PSP Go and a couple game announcements onto the latest eits own videomag Qore. Those thinking Sony already shot its E3 load, think again says a company PR guy.


Rather, tweets a Sony PR guy. "Pre-E3 annoucements or not! There's still lots of shockers planned for you guys @ E3," Sony Computer Entertainment's Jake Osuwah, "stay tuned..."

Be sure to check back on Tuesday at 11am PDT for our liveblog of the Sony press conference. Wonder what "shockers" Sony has in store...

jakesplace0 [Twitter via CVG]


I feel like a little kid waiting to open his presents for christmas! I want to know what Sony has in store. I am already excited from the games and such from Microsoft's conference. I have to know what Sony has in store! Right now!!!