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New Zealand television network TV3's recent ad seems incredibly similar to a PS3 commercial from earlier this year. No wonder it won't be running again.


According to the New Zealand, TV3 did not comment on the similarities between the commercials, but did reveal that its ad had been pulled.

"After a great response to our Monday night movie promo, the campaign has run its course and won't be going to air again," T3 stated.

"Our intention with the promo was to have some fun and have viewers notice that we have something big on Monday night with our movies. We've certainly achieve both those goals."

People noticed alright, noticed that T3 ripped off a PS3 commercial.

While T3 remained tight-lipped about the similarities, the Herald reports that Dai Henwood, the actor who appeared in the T3 spot, acknowledged that the spots were identical.


"I was just the actor," Henwood tweeted. "Didn't do the creative and hadn't seen the Sony ad. Agreed they are identical."

Sony's fictitious exec Kevin Butler responded to the T3 ad earlier today, joking, "It's clear to me that TV3 appreciates great advertising and I'd like to thank them for their efforts. In fact we'd like to help them out and make our ENTIRE LIBRARY OF COMMERCIALS available for them to copy in order to promote their programming."


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