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Hey, New Zealand TV, you can't go ripping off a PlayStation ad and not expect Sony's VP of Antipodean Beard Standards Kevin Butler to bring the thunder.


The PlayStation mascot - or at least the guys who write the material for the actor who plays a PlayStation mascot - has responded to New Zealand's TV3 commercial in expected fashion, with a number of short, sharp points he has to get off his chest:

1. No title for your guy? VP of Big Bigness? PS3 Commercial Tribute Manager? Details, folks.

2. The TV3 version was completely lacking in PS3 video game footage. Clips from Uncharted 2, MAG, God of War 3, or even clips of our upcoming releases Killzone3 and Twisted Metal would have really added some epicness to the spot.

3. The beard. I think it should have been longer.

4. I did like the slow motion effect at the end on the guitar solo. Way to plus it out.

5. Two-color mylar confetti > rainbow paper confetti. Just sayin.

The remainder of his message is a thinly-veiled "we wont sue you this time", which for a major consumer electronics company in 2010 is actually a pleasant surprise.


Kevin Butler and New Zealand [PlayStation]

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