Sony Releasing Custom God of War Control Pad

Illustration for article titled Sony Releasing Custom emGod of War/em Control Pad

To cash in on the upcoming release of God of War: Ascension, Sony Japan will be releasing this custom Kratos-themed DualShock 3 controller.


It's not exactly subtle, but I actually like the skin-tone shade they've gone for, makes a nice change from the bolder stuff companies normally choose for controller colour schemes.

The pad will be out in Japan on March 14. No word on a Western release yet, but given the series we're talking about, that news is surely only a matter of time.

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Man, that skin-tone they used for the controller is so racist. I am just offended. I'm almost surprised there's no blood droplets and nipples to add a subtle hint of sexism; which is all God of War is: a sexist, racist game. Kotaku should write five hundred articles about it. Golly-gee.