Sony: PS3 Will Dominate In 3~5 Years

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Is this the year the PS3 takes the top spot? Or is it next year? While the pundits gaze into their crystal balls, soon-to-retire Sony exec David Reeves thinks he's got the answer.


"I don't think it will be next year, but in three to five years it will become dominant on the market," Reeves told industry site GamesIndustry. "The legacy will be that people will see a tortoise and hare situation. In a way, in the end it will be a dead heat. People will say PS3 took a while to get going but it really caught up very quickly and confounded many of the critics from the first year."

So David Reeves thinks that the PS3 will be dominate in 2012 or 2014. Meaning?

Meaning by Reeves most liberal estimate, it could take the PS3 almost eight years to become dominate in the market — leaving the console with a little over two years left in its proposed ten year life-span to rule the roost.


Shame that David Reeves is retiring tomorrow. He has been the gift that keeps on giving.

PS3 to be dominant in 3 - 5 years, says Reeves [GamesImdustry]

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Foxstar loves Bashcraft

Wow, a fresh round of bullshit from David "I still can't shut my fucking mouth." Reeves and he's not even out of the door yet. He can not retire soon enough.

Look, it is indeed very, very viable that in 3 years the PS3 could be on top of the roost, but in three years we are going to be looking at the next gen Xbox and Wii platforms too. Nintendo's pouring billions of dollars into motion control development and making sure that the Wiimote stays alive and kicking, developers are finally starting to get over the fear of having to spend real money on Wii development, for all the folks who hate motion controls, they are here to stay.

And Microsoft is following Nintendo's tracks, Newton will be the primary control method behind the next 360 and Live will be bigger and better, I think Microsoft is already planning for the massive upgrade to help move Live to the place it needs to be for the next console and BC will not be a issue, nor will RROD.

Sony however is stuck supporting the PS3 because they can't afford the loss of's going to take about five years at the current growth rate before they've got enough first and second party development to make up for third parties which may have adopted a multi platform release mindset are still going to put their biggest effort behind the system that has the best dev kit, highest returns and perks (IE:Exclusive paid for DLC). So far that isn't shaping up to be Sony.

Ten year lifespans only work if you've got the marketshare and developer support to pull it off and watching Sony trying to make the stars line up perfectly so they can pull off a PS2 again with the PS3 is painful and foolish. They need to stop it already, focus on the games, the support for the games and reasons to play the games and let the market decide while taking every single lesson they learned from the PS3 and don't repeat it with the PS4.