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Sony Outlines Gaming Turnaround, Sees PS3 Profitability in 2011

Illustration for article titled Sony Outlines Gaming Turnaround, Sees PS3 Profitability in 2011

Sony's gaming division should start seeing profitability by the tail end of their 2010 fiscal year through cost reduction and "operational efficiencies", Sony Chief Executive Howard Stringer told a gathering of press and analysts today.


"Our work is already bearing fruit," Howard said, according to the Associated Press. "We still have more work to do."

After its second year of losses in the current fiscal year, which ends March 2010, Stringer said that Sony's target is to turnaround their game business and have it be profitable by March 2011.


The company plans to use a two-prong strategy to achieve that goal. Sony believes they can improve profitability through cost reduction, becoming more efficient internally and getting internal divisions to work better together.

Sony also sees a growth in hardware, software and network services pushing sales up in the gaming division.

Stringer says that Sony's Playstation 3 has five key advatages: The incorporation of a Blu-ray player, the Playstation Network, PSP linkage, upcoming 3D games and their recently announced motion controller.

The Motion control, he said, uses the Playstation Eye camera, can track depth, position and motion by "sphere, gyro and acceleration sensors" and vibration feedback and "rendition by light."

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