Compared to the current 500GB PlayStation 4, that’s twice the hard disk drive space. It is!

According to the Federal Communications Commission (via DualShockers), Sony just registered a couple new PlayStation 4 models: CUH-1215A and CUH-1215B. Here’s where it gets interesting: the CUH-1215A model has a 500GB HDD capacity, while the CUH-1215B model has a 1TB HDD capacity.


As DualShockers points out, these newly registered PlayStation 4s generate slightly fewer watts. Other differences include weight variations, as the new ones clock in at 2.5kg compared to the current model’s 2.8kg.


This doesn’t appear to be a full redesign, but we will need to wait for the reveal (should there be one!).

Kotaku reached out to Sony for comment, but hasn’t heard back yet.

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