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Sony is refunding digital preorders of The Last of Us Part II and Iron Man VR following last week’s indefinite delay of both games. According to a note on the PlayStation support website, customers who preordered digital copies of Naughty Dog’s sequel and the guy who preordered Iron Man VR will be refunded automatically.

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I don’t get digital pre-orders. I get the pre-loading benefit, but I don’t understand people pre-ordering digitally months and months ahead of a game.

I pre-ordered both games on Amazon. I’m not out my money until the game ships. If I decide to cancel, I can. I can pre-order everything and anything, and never be out money until the item ships. But digital pre-orders hard lock you in, and you’re already out your money.

That being said, I’m surprised Sony doesn’t have a system in place, though, to let you keep your pre-order if you want to. An email with an option to keep your pre-order, and, if ignored, automatically refunds you after a certain number of days. Not shocked, but surprised.