Sony Is Automatically Changing Offensive PlayStation Usernames

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We used to live in a world where someone with an offensive username was just outright banned from an online service. With the coming of PlayStation’s ability to edit names, though, things have now changed, and those offensive names are changing along with them.

Gamasutra spotted a note in the move’s FAQ that reveals what happens when someone makes a comedic overstep (or is an asshole). When detected, the name is changed to Tempxxxxxx (so Temp345678, Temp902716, etc). If you’re changing the name on an old account and the new one stinks, users can revert to the old one, and if it’s detected on a fresh name, they’re asked to change it to something that doesn’t suck.


This is interesting because 1) it’s a much cleaner solution than just banning accounts and have people make new ones, and 2) you now know that if you’re ever in a game with Temp274503, think twice about voice chat.

There’s a lil’ FAQ here if you still need some finer details.

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lol So it’s just auto-generated as Tempxxxxxx? I was hoping they’d use a library consisting of made-for-TV swear words so we can see an influx of casseroles, monkey fighters, and fairy godmothers; all of whom are just trying to find strangers in the alps.