On Sony Japan's Facebook page, the above image was posted late last month (I added the text). Along with the photo, Sony Japan wrote, "In the near future, maybe a scene like this will become normal?" (近い将来、こんな光景が普通になるかも?) I sure hope not!

There are over 700 comments on this photo. People are writing things like, "This is scary" or "I totally hate this". Some people are cracking jokes, comparing it to something out of X-Men or Japanese anime.


And others are pointing out that people would probably wear these headsets on airplanes—not their morning commute. That makes more sense! This is just...yeah.

In the comments of the Sony Japan Facebook page, there are also mentions of Google Glass. Unlike Google Glass, however, the HMZ-T2 is already out. Our headset future starts now!

As posted before, the previous version of the HMZ-T2, the HMZ-T1, inspired one man to construct a series of pulleys so he could use it at his desk. You can also read about Kotaku's impressions with Sony's new HMZ prototype from last year's Tokyo Game Show.

近い将来、こんな光景が普通になるかも? [Sony (Japan)]

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