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The craziest product of 2011 meet the craziest workstation of 2012. Computer engineer Shigeki Morimoto's desk at social networking company Mixi is a mismatch of pulleys, pipes, and rope all designed to support his Sony HMZ-T1 headset. Or something.

When Morimoto started using the Sony HMZ-T1 headset at work, he quickly discovered that the headset wasn't exactly compatible with his glasses. Morimoto created a work around, which involved him embedded his glasses in the headset.

That wasn't all. Using the headset for long periods of time, Morimoto discovered that the headset pad left a big red mark on his forehead. He tried working while reclined, but that didn't seem to work.


So Morimoto created a system that could support the headset so his head didn't have to bear all the weight. The end result is a bit like the HMZ-T1 itself: brilliant and goofy as hell.

ヘッドマウントディスプレイの衝撃 [Mixi Engineers_Blog via KiraiNet]