Sony Gives Us A Peek At God of War III In February

Illustration for article titled Sony Gives Us A Peek At God of War III In February

You thought that brief glimpse of God Of War III from the Spike TV VGAs was all you'd see of Kratos for a while? Nope. Sony will be showing the game off in mere weeks.


We just got the invite to check out Kratos' "final mission in his war with the Gods," an appointment just three weeks from today, one we certainly don't plan on being late for. Yes, they're still going with this "final mission" stuff, driving the point home by calling God of War III the "highly-anticipated conclusion to the Greek action-adventure odyssey."

Not trying to rub this "exclusive sneak peek" in your readership faces or anything, but if you, like me, were thinking that there's no way the game will hit in calendar year 2009, you might want to reconsider.

Hopefully, we'll get to see what original God Of War producer David Jaffe saw. Then we can be all "Here is your God of War III preview" and "Here is your vindication, Jaffe" or something along those lines.



Face it, Jaffe was more than likely talking out of his arse and what you get to see will be just more of the same as the teaser trailer.