Jaffe: Continue To Wait For God Of War III's Visual Awesomeness

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Remember when God of War producer David Jaffe gushed orgasmically about the footage he'd seen from the PlayStation 3 entry in the series, writing that it was "like a painting come to life"?

And that it was "HOLY HOLY HOLY FUCKING HELL!!!!"? And everyone got their hopes up? And then the God of War III trailer came out?


Well, while some of us thought the thing looked absolutely spectacular, even in tiny-vision from 200 feet away, some of the more emotionally invested forum dwelling creatures disagreed that it looked any better than God of War II or a pile of dog excrement or something along those lines. And that it certainly didn't look like any painting come to life that they'd ever seen! Apparently, they've taken it up with the Eat Sleep Play founder, who felt compelled to respond in the Jaffe fashion.

He addressed his detractors on his blog today, writing that what we witnessed last night during the Spike TV VGAs wasn't exactly the footage that got him so excited.


"It is NOT the thing I was raving about- as I made clear in a video post a week ago- but I still think it looks darn good," Jaffe wrote. "To me, the stuff Spike showed when viewed in proper resolution looks like a AAA God Of War to me. It doesn't rock my world but it doesn't look: meh. It looks like I'd expect a next-gen GOW to look."

Jaffe clarifies that the gush-worthy stuff "has not been shown outside of internal Sony meetings" and that he hopes it will be shown soon, maintaining that God of War III "remains the best looking console game I've ever seen…beyond Gears 2 which so far is the best looking console game ever released."


We can't wait. We're readying our patented console graphics wow-o-meter so we can do this scientifically.


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The fact that Sony did not capitalize on any of their games in the VGA just confounds me. They desperately need to take advantage of every marketing opportunity they can get. So why hold back? Creativity juices all dried up? Seriously, Kratos' monologue in that trailer was nothing short of dull and uninspired, and if I was a product manager with brains, I wouldn't allow such crap to reach cable television: "My vengeance is everything... All things must come to an end." WTF Sony!!