Sony Finally Gets A Little Weird With Its New DualShock 4 Colors

Image: Sony (PlayStation Blog)

Sony has announced four new color variations for the Dualshock 4, including a couple of spunky two-tone ones that look fun as hell.

Berry Blue and Sunset Orange are two DualShock 4 color schemes that seem loosely inspired by weird, melted Slurpee flavors. Berry Blue is aqua and burgundy, while Sunset Orange is traffic cone orange and dark blue, both complementary contrasts that help every button and surface on the controllers really pop. Somewhat less exciting is another camouflage variation and a copper toned-alternative to the existing gold and silver controller. They’ll be priced at the standard $65 and launch sometime in September.

Image: Sony (PlayStation Blog)

The PS4 and Xbox One both released with all-black controllers. It was part of a design scheme that was equal parts sophisticated and boring. In 2016 Microsoft launched its Design Lab program for fully customizable Xbox One controllers, and a year later Nintendo released a handheld bookended by two Icy Hot-inspired Joy-Con followed by a few other equally colorful versions. So it’s about time Sony released some wilder variations of its own.

Last year around this time Sony released a trio of translucent-colored controllers, but arguably nothing so far has been as bold as the new two-toned ones. What can I say, I’m a sucker for bright plastic, so much so that I will be promptly returning the DualShock 4 I bought this weekend so I can upgrade to something a little more exciting. 

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