Sony Europe Notes Fast PS3 Install Rate, Looks To Download Future

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More David Reeves talking! The Sony Computer Entertainment of Europe boss looks his crystal ball and predicts the future, saying this about the era of game downloading:

The current revenue streams we have are quite simple — hardware sales and packaged media. But that is the old model. The new model is such that our income streams will change — packaged goods sales and hardware sales are still there, but already we are getting into the era of network sales of full titles... We do believe that the disc-based delivery system will fall as the power of the network base rises. At the same time the overall industry growth will continue to go upwards as we push out into emerging markets... We have not got our heads in the sand. To some extent the music industry did — we are trying desperately to not make the same mistakes... The next five years are going to be turbulent, but I think it is going to be the most exciting period that we have ever seen in the past ten years of video games...

More exciting as Reeves claims that the adoption rate for the PS3 is higher than the PS2. Good to hear that the game industry is being so forward thinking about downloads.

Era of Games Downloads Looms [MCVUK] [Pic]

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Brian Ashcraft

@El-Suave: Excellent point!