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Sony Acknowledges Grand Theft Auto V Leak, Says It's Sorry

Illustration for article titled Sony Acknowledges emGrand Theft Auto V/em Leak, Says Its Sorry

Sony has acknowledged—and apologized for—a leak of Grand Theft Auto V files yesterday that revealed the game's main theme and its soundtrack, among other details., potentially.


"We sincerely apologize to Rockstar and GTA fans across the world who were exposed to the spoiler content," Sony said on the official PlayStation blog.

Yesterday, a digital file of the game was inadvertently made available through the Europe PlayStation Store to those who had preordered the game there. Gamers mined the files for details, discovering the main theme and other features (warning: there are spoilers at that link and potentially in the comments beneath).


Bottom line, there is spoiler material out in the wild, and if you don't want any aspect of the game ruined for you, don't go googling for it.

Here's the entirety of Sony's statement.

Regrettably, some people who downloaded the digital pre-order of Grand Theft Auto V through the PlayStation Store in Europe were able to access certain GTA V assets. These assets were posted online. We have since removed the digital pre-order file from the PlayStation Store in Europe. We sincerely apologize to Rockstar and GTA fans across the world who were exposed to the spoiler content. GTA V is one of the most highly anticipated games of the year with a very passionate following, and we’re looking forward to a historic launch on September 17.

Grand Theft Auto V Update [PlayStation Blog]

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The Dead Texan

Ending is that it was all a hallucination after CJ failed to follow the train for the umpteenth time.