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Sony: A PlayStation Phone "Could Happen"

Illustration for article titled Sony: A PlayStation Phone Could Happen

Yup. This again. As Sony's phone partnership with Ericsson runs up record losses, SE boss Hideki Komiyama has again raised the prospect of a PlayStation Phone.


Speaking with The Financial Times, Komiyama says that, as part of his recovery plan for Sony Ericsson (which is bleeding cash), a good idea would be to leverage Sony's brand recognition in the gaming market, and that a PlayStation phone built on SE's current Walkman and Cybershot handsets "could happen".

Hopefully that was just a mistranslation, and Komiyama really said "should never happen, ever".


Struggling handset maker needs to get smart - and fast [FT]

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Ericsson can't make good phones, what Sony needs to do is get those teams together that designed the Sony Vaio, and the PS2 and let them come up w/ the design plans for phones. The reason why Sony may want a PSP phone to happen, is so that they can use the PSP brand to stimulate their failing phone brand. Ericsson can't design phones, don't use their designs.... they're horrible.