Sonic The Hedgehog Socks Will Keep Your Nintendo DS Warm

Mad Catz isn't forgetting the Nintendo DS accessory market as it shifts more of its focus to high end fight sticks, mice and non-gaming lifestyle keyboards. So if you need Sonic the Hedgehog socks, Mad Catz has you... covered.

Yes, in addition to officially licensing Nintendo products—you know, like wireless Wii sensor bars—Mad Catz is also signing up Sonic the Hedgehog for a line of DS accessories that will keep your portable safe from harm. Socks, shells, a wallet like thing, all proudly bearing Sonic's visage, will be coming to a store shelf near you later this year.


Mad Catz calls them Sonic the Hedgehog Character Sockz, Sonic the Hedgehog Character ArmorCase and Sonic the Hedgehog Character Microfiber Soft Case and has priced them all at $12.99 USD.

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