Songbird Appears in Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2

The website for Marvel: Ultimate Alliance 2 has an interesting story up about how Thunderbolt's Songbird, revealed today as appearing in the, was designed for the upcoming title.

Steven Nelson (Senior Animator), Bryan Shutt (Art Director), Dave Phillips (Concept Artist) talk about how they settled on the look for the siren in the game.


Songbird's in-game look will be fashioned off of some of Marko Djurdjevic's cover art from the Thunderbolts, the trio said. In particular, cover 115, seen above, was a big influence.


Check out the full discussion for more details on the design and look of Songbird.

Now that they've introduced Songbird into video games, when can we expect Dazzler? She better be wearing skates too.


Finding Her Voice: The Making of Songbird in MUA2 [Marvel Ultimate Alliance]

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