Someone's Not Having Fun Here

Playing FIFA 11 in a pool in a stretch Hummer driving through LA? Hell of a home-console advantage for the Phoenix Suns' Steve Nash, sure. But is that really cause for Landon Donovan to call him a bleeping bleep?

This is part two of a series being produced and directed by Nash and Ezra Holland, the duo responsible for "Into the Wind," a film about Canadian runner Terry Fox that appeared Sept. 28 on ESPN's acclaimed "30 For 30" documentary series.

The "Pro Player Challenge" referenced here is meant to find the best video game soccer player in North America, with Nash, a lifelong player since his childhood in Canada, trying to gate-crash the festivities.


Check out part one here. Hang with it, it's got a rather hairy punchline at the end.

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good ole steve nash.. i bet the mavs would have at least one title under their belt if they hadnt let him go..

instead.. they got dampier.. *shakes head*