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We've talked about how much fun it is to play Larian's Divinity: Original Sin, but have we mentioned how easy it is to build with it? In four days, Redditor docalypse has built the doomed city of Tristam from the original Diablo, with plans to reimagine the entire game as Diablo: Original Sin.


The screenshot's pretty dark, but if you squint you can make out some familiar landmarks, as well as some random guy who'd really appreciate it if you stay awhile and listen.

Illustration for article titled Someones Making emDiablo/em In emDivinity: Original Sin/em

I've been so busy playing the game, I'd not even bothered checking out Divinity's modding tools. Apparently they're quite robust and easy to pick up, as this is docalypse's first modding project. It's a really ambitious one as well. From the Reddit thread:

I started this project 4 days ago on a whim to test the Divinity Engine and found I really enjoyed it. So, I've decided to create my first large mod for Divinity: Original Sin. It will be called Diablo: Original Sin (subject to change) and here's what I have planned:

  • 26 hand-crafted levels, including the Hellfire xpack levels, ranging from 64x64m to 512x512m
  • New quests (no handholding minimap marks or map markers)
  • Traps to detroy your party (they can be disarmed or destroyed from a distance, good thing you have that rogue in your party to locate those traps...)
  • lockpicking doors to secret areas
  • high perception ratings to discover more secret areas
  • co-op puzzles to reach new areas (read your lore to find clues)
  • hand-placed unique items
  • 1-4 player co-op (or take solo control over your own party of 2-4)
  • Full dialogue and lore through books
  • music from D1 and maybe D2 since this is a turn based cRPG engine (battle music, atmosphere music)
  • dark gritty world, dark gritty dungeons

And that's all with the editor as it is. As Larian adds enhanced functionality, docalypse plans to add new items, hirelings with their own stories and completely rework the magic system to allow for new schools and spells.

Once Tristam and his first dungeon level is complete he plans on releasing a demo. Until then, check out the gallery below to see what a dedicated Diablo fan can do with Divinity in just four days.

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