Someone's Made A Good Friday The 13th-Style Video Game

Given that I recently spent weeks rewatching every Friday the 13th movie so I could rank them, it’s hardly a surprise Lakeview Cabin Collection is right up my alley.


Lakeview Cabin Collection is an episodic horror game in which players try to defeat a series of seemingly unstoppable monsters who want nothing more than to rip you limb from limb. Only the first episode, Lakeview Cabin III, is available right now, and involves swapping between a group of hapless campers who are more likely to hurt themselves than any chance of surviving.

(Can I say how much I love the idea of a series starting with its third installment? If I ever get around to becoming a horror writer, that’s what I’m doing. Just assume it’s already popular!)

As you can tell from the clip above, Lakeview Cabin Collection is meant to be goofy as heck. I mean, look what happened when I mistakenly walked through a door and my character fell:

Sorry about that, lady. My bad. At least you can use your leg as a weapon now!

You spend the first few minutes of Lakeview Cabin Collection putzing around, poking at what is and isn’t something you can mess around with, and prepare for the upcoming assault. You never know when the creature is going to show up, either. Sometimes, the action’s kicks off within a few minutes, while other times I’ve had to patiently wait through an entire day and night cycle.


Me? I like to have my campers sit around and drink beer. (It makes your vision go blurry!)


I’d show you how I ended up dying, but the creature appeared in the dark of night. It, um, didn’t go particularly well. I may or may not have lit the bad thing on fire...and then lit myself on fire.


It’s not clear when the other episodes are coming, but I can’t wait.

If you’d like to watch me play through the game (and die!), go for it.

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Tucker: All right... I know what this is.

Dale: What?

Tucker: This is a suicide pact.

Dale: It’s a what?

Tucker: These kids are coming out here, and killing themselves all over the woods.

Dale: My God, that makes so much sense.