Pedestrians of Liberty and Vice cities, beware. World-class speedrunner AdamAK is attempting to 100 percent both Grand Theft Auto III and GTA: Vice City over the next 24 hours. That means carnage on the sidewalks and beaches for sure.

You may watch the run below—he's about four hours into it as of posting time, playing on PC. AdamAK's all-missions speedrun time for Vice City is 3:03:16 and story completion (not all missions) in GTA III is 1:19:11, both world records. So hundred-percenting both doesn't sound entirely unreasonable in a single 24-hour span. For him anyway.

The only GTA I've ever 100 percented is San Andreas and it took me, like, the entire summer of 2005. How many have you done, and how long did they take you? Consider this an invitation to brag.


24h Stream—GTA3 100% and GTAVC 100% [Twitch]

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