Someone Stuck an Xbox One at the Bottom of a Shark Tank in New Zealand

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Sorry, New Zealand—you are not the site of the first Xbox One to be sold in the world, despite this promotional stunt involving an Auckland aquarium. About 150 folks already have theirs and didn't have to swim to the bottom of a shark tank for it.

But Microsoft pressed ahead with this anyway because, hell, it's an Xbox One in the bottom of a shark tank. That's a good photo. Why New Zealand? The country lays claim to having the first sunrise over land in the world, though there are all sorts of disputes and disclaimers to that if you want to have a pointless argument in your best Comic Book Guy voice. All I know is Santa Claus visits New Zealand first, and he is a U.N. official so that settles that.

There are 20 sharks in this tank, each one capable of taking down a 350-kilogram (771 pounds) fur seal, so this console is well guarded. How about, when midnight strikes, the lucky First Customer gets handed a wetsuit and a speargun? I'd tune in to see that.


World's First Xbox One Guarded by Sharks [ via Polygon. Image via Stuff]

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Celia the Vampire Slaying Vampire

Eh. I've done plenty of free-diving in open water with sharks of all kinds. And a slightly lesser amount of time has been spent in these sorts of tanks where the sharks are quite used to human divers coming in for maintenance or visiting. I imagine I'm hardly alone in that on Kotaku. So I think quite a few people would happily do this, myself included.

(Explanation: I use some of my free time to work for shark conservation. They are my favorite and I have complete respect for them. So of course I'm aware I could feasibly die doing this, but for me being taken out by a shark is a fine way to go. Not for an X-Box, but hey it's a perk! :P)