Someone Spent $335,000 On Virtual Real Estate

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In 2009, Jon Jacobs set a world record for the biggest ever sale of an online item. It was a space station in online sci-fi game Entropia Universe. This month, in the same game, he's broken that record.

In a single transaction with another player, John Foma Kalun, Jacobs offloaded a mall, a stadium, a club and a "number of bio domes".


Total bill of sale for all that real estate? A cool USD$335,000.

If you're wondering why people would bother with that kind of cash in a game that's not exactly the world's largest MMO, Entropia is a rare beast in that it maintains a consistent exchange rate between its virtual currency and those in the real world. That means anything and everything in Entropia has a very real and, to its players, worthwhile value.

[via Edge]

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This article is very misleading. Your placing a real world worth on virtual currency.

Should I start declaring my WoW assets to the tax man?