Earlier this year, I bought a house for $360,000. It was a scary investment, yes, but also one that gave me somewhere to live. I just can't see buying a virtual item for $330,000 being as practical.

Buzz Erik Lightyear, a major player in the world of Entropia Online, recently spent that much money on a single item in the game, the "Crystal Palace" space station.

Sounds absolutely crazy, but then, there's a catch: the Crystal Palace sells items in the game world, and Buzz will get a cut of every sale made. There's also major profits to be made hunting the creatures that roam the station.

Still...$330,000 on something that's really just a bunch of polygons sitting on a server, whose survival is dependant on the whims of the company controlling those servers...I'll stick to spending that kind of money on real dwellings, thanks.


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