Someone, Quick, Send UN Election Monitors to Observe the NCAA Football Cover Voting

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I've already had my say on the cynical, abusive b.s.. of running a Twitter or Facebook campaign to get folks to vote on a cover or a character or to pretend to give them some kind of influence over a video game publishing decision. In a nutshell, it's garbage, and its true purpose is to get a social media manager rehired when his or her contract is up. But I forgot to mention the other big problem with putting the cover of a video game up for a vote on Facebook: Voting fraud.

Yes, really. When I last checked in, on Tuesday, Michigan quarterback Denard Robinson was well in front of Texas A&M's Ryan Swope, by 14,000 votes, for the honor of gracing NCAA Football 14's packshot this July. A winner was supposed to be announced on Friday. One wasn't. Swope, on the last day, closed the gap and took the lead, a comeback so improbable that EA Sports says it is investigating claims of voting fraud. For the cover of a college football game.


Jesus Christ, just make up a winner and let's be done with this. This contest began in mid-December and at no point did it involve the three actual big names of 2012 in college football: Manti Te'o, Johnny Manziel, or Katherine Webb. If any of those three were ever a candidate, people may have actually given a shit about fair results.

Still, it's amusing that it's come to this, because EA Sports totally left the door open by deciding to half-ass this contest with a murky voting standard that has, at various times, included Twitter hashtags and Facebook likes and polls and such, instead of creating a website and an application to tally votes there. Who really, honestly, cares if a bunch of Aggies created spam accounts or wrote bot programs to steal the election? Good for them! Honor their ingenuity and school spirit! For God's sake, this is a popularity contest in which ballot-stuffing—retweet this hashtag! Make us trend! Click like! Make my manager happy!—was encouraged from day one.

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Keith Young

Johnny Manziel's still in school and can't declare for the NFL draft for two more in the hell did you think he could end up on the cover, Owen? You should know better than that.